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Yaz / Oct 31, 2017

Gratz guys!,Sorry about the super late update. I have been swamped with school and IRL bull shit. I am really happy to see the guild progressing on in my absence. I am still around and if you need to talk to me about anything feel free to hit me u...

  Spyweaver: 7/9M Boom Boom. Time to go get Avatar and Kill Jay Jay D:
  Yaz: RECRUITMENT IS TEMPERARILY CLOSED. We are still accepting apps for ToS, But not for Gul'dan progression. At least not until we get everything figured out from Blue Team merging!
  Ă…byss: lmfao
  Yaz: Oh ya, Gratz you losers :)
  Rizcena: 9/10 PLOX
  Yaz: Yeay new trials :)
  Yaz: good lord, stillllll?! sigh.. maybe ill take a shower or something :(
  Genuflection: Don't even get a login queue now. Just a straight up failure to connect. Bah, will be farming nethershards for the next mage tower pop then.
  Yaz: How the hell am I supposed to recruit T_T
  Yaz: welp, time to log in Rift :D .. or Wildstar...
  Yaz: my wait time wnet from 211 min to 456 mins.. I hate this game!
  Hellztotems: been stuck in an 11 eoa for like 3 hours now rofl, won't let me hearth/zone anything
  Genuflection: At least they're aware of it :/
  Genuflection: Estimated wait...203 minutes LOLOLOL
  Genuflection: Fuck this game in the ear. How can I repeatedly fail on Stage 6 of the challenge if I can't log in?
  Yaz: I think world of warcraft exploded guys. Even the website is gone, haha
  Yaz: what the hell is going on with the servers today?
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